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Randle also attacks a few of the supposed MJ-12 Documents received by Tim Cooper of California. I went into gory detail on several of these in my MUFON 2000 paper, Ref. 3. I agree that I can find no good reason to believe any of these are genuine and very good reasons to say they are frauds. I had found in such books as “Wedemeyer Reports” (Ref. 10) original documents which were retyped in the Cooper documents with a few changes with the hand written items scanned or Xeroxed to create what I have referred to as emulations. These, at first blush, without access to the originals, look genuine as to signatures, etc. He gives one example: a July 9, 1947 directive to General Twining from President Truman which is clearly an emulation of a real one from President Truman to General Wedemeyer on the same date. But then apparently in a rush, he gives a wrong reason! He states, “But the final, and devastating, blow comes from a handwritten note at the bottom of the authentic document. Truman noted, 'I am keeping for further study.' The Twining memo contains the exact same message and the handwriting matches, exactly, that on the authentic memo.”  WRONG.

The reasons the Twining directive is an emulation are that the three handwritten items at the bottom (Truman’s signature, July 9, 1947, and “Approved") match exactly in the location on the page and in the handwriting, and the fact that the Twining directive has essentially identical language even though Wedemeyer’s mission to China was very different from Twining’s supposed mission to New Mexico. Also the Twining one says, “When your mission in New Mexico is completed you will proceed on a brief trip to the Sandia AEC facility.” As it happens, Sandia is in New Mexico. To Wedemeyer it was “When your mission to China is completed you will proceed on a brief trip to Korea.” Korea, of course, is NOT in China.

What is funny here is that indeed a Cooper document included the handwritten “I am keeping for further study” on an entirely different phoney document. I had spotted the identicality after reviewing 23 different sign offs from Truman on various items that I had copied (and distributed to some people including Tim Cooper) at the Marshall Archives. This was noted in my MUFON paper. I gather Randle did not want to give me credit for debunking this batch of supposed MJ-12 documents.

Randle is sloppy in other places as well in “Case MJ-12.” For example, he refers to the Billy Mitchell affair and his court-martial for his advocacy of the possibility of sinking ships with bombs dropped from aircraft as happening “back in the 30s.” It happened in the early 1920s. In his reference to my “Operation Majestic 12? YES!” he lists it as being published by the Fund for UFO Research. It was not. It was published by my UFO Research Institute. It rebuts his anti-MJ-12 arguments in Ref. 11, “Conclusions on Operation Majestic Twelve” which was indeed published by FUFOR. He attributes my “Crashed Saucers, Majestic 12, and the Debunkers” (Ref. 5) to the MUFON Journal. It was actually presented at the MUFON Conference for 1992 and included in the Proceedings. He in one place says the roll of film containing the EBD and TF items was received in 1982. It was actually 1984. He talks at length about testimony from unnamed officers, a colonel and lieutenant. There is no way to evaluate anything from them, so what is the point in the inclusion?


Some final comments are in order. If the EBD, TF and CT Items are genuine, as I believe they are, one would certainly expect the intelligence community to flood the market with garbage, relatively easily seen as such, and causing many careless researchers to make the original ones sort of phoney-by-association. Colonel Richard Weaver, who wrote the USAF’s “The Roswell Report: Truth versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert” (he supplied the fiction) wrote Nick Redfern, an excellent UFO Researcher, that the MJ-12 documents were bogus, and everybody knew they were bogus, etc. He included a copy to Nick (living in the UK at the time) of the eight pages with a hand written Large Print BOGUS on each page.

I filed an FOIA request for all documentation leading to this statement made by a serving officer to a foreign national on official stationery. The response was there was nothing in response to my request. I appealed. There was still nothing. However, if one looks at the discussion about MJ-12 on the FBI site, one finds the same copy of the MJ-12 docs with the same handwritten BOGUS on each page. Colonel Weaver lied about a number of other items in his report (see Ref. 12). I guess lying about the MJ-12 documents isn’t very surprising for an expert in disinformation. People want provenance. I would like it, too. But it is clear that the person who supplied the documents, if they are indeed genuine, is the one at risk, not the recipients. If it is a hoax, why has the hoaxer not come forward to say Gotcha? He wasn’t breaking the law and could really thumb his nose at ufologists. On balance, Randle has not achieved his purpose of disgracing the original MJ-12 documents. They would still seem to stand as the most important classified government documents ever leaked to the public.

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